The Bliss of a Kiss!

Updated: Feb 5

Featured wine of the month

Uncorking this light-bodied Texas Merlot has a nice, light, fruity bouquet with a hint of tannins and aged in American white oak.

“Making for an magical moment that is sure to last and linger on your tongue.”

Legend has it that a kiss from a mermaid can give you some amazing abilities, including being able to breathe underwater. Other legends suggest that a kiss from a mermaid may also give the reciever the enchanting power to heal people. Along side the magical kiss, the tears of a mermaid are said to unlock the fountian of youth.

It's the Month of Love

Let's find the perfect pair of wine and chocolate for your special night. Finding your favorite wine is a treasure hunt with much reward. But don’t stop there, keep the journey going. Here are a few tips to help find the perfect pair that is sure to make your tastebuds fall in love.

Tip 1: Keep it simple, start with a wine that is slightly sweeter than the chocolate. With both wine and chocolate carrying their own innate intensity, they can often find themselves engaged in a formidable palate power play. Each is vying for dominance and immediate attention. To help the two settle into some semblance of amiable balance, initially, let the wine bow to the chocolate.