Spring Time, Wine Time

Updated: Apr 7

April is upon us! I hope everyone is looking out and seeing all the beautiful blooms popping up around! I am enjoying all this sunshine and seeing the color green and roses in full bloom. Seeing a splash of color has been very uplifting! This month brings joy to so many. As you gather with your family remember what’s most important is just that, being with family.


Texas Moscato -Our bright, fruit forward Moscato has a crisp finish with a perfect balance of sweetness for the discerning drinker. Pairs well with spicy foods and lightly sweet desserts.

Let's talk a little more about what a Moscato wine is. Here are a few facts you may have not known but are interested to those that are looking to learn more on their wine adventures.

"Moscato "is the Italian word for the muscat family of grapes, and frequently refers to a lightly sparkling, low-alcohol sweet wine. With flavors of citrus, stone fruit, and orange blossom, moscato d'Asti is a crowd favorite with new and seasoned wine drinkers alike. This wine is perfect for the springtime in my opinoin. Whether you are hanging out with friends or decide to do some spring cleaning this is a great beverage to have on hand. Also, this is grea