Red Wines

Mermaid's Kiss - Texas Merlot

This light-bodied Merlot has a nice, light, fruity bouquet with a hint of tannins and aged in American white oak.  Pairs well with beef.  Dry wine.

Titan's Tempest - Texas Tempranillo 

A deep red Spanish grape with hint of tannins and a light peppery finish.  Aged in American white Oak.  Pairs well with mildly spiced dishes and beef. Dry wine.

Following Seas - American Cabernet Sauvignon A lightly oaked, fruit forward Cabernet, with hints of dried currant.  This is a good "go to" wine for evenings under the stars. Dry wine

Fair Winds -  American Sangiovese

Rustic style red wine with heavy tannins in the mouthfeel.  Pairs perfectly with pizza or any Italian style meal.  Dry wine.

Reef Raff Red - Texas Red Blend A blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo grapes, this just sweet wine has a dark cherry note and a smooth finish.  This is a good round wine that pairs well with a great BBQ sauce or red sauce or just under a shade tree.   Semi-sweet wine.

Manatee Moon - Texas Sweet Red Blend.  This gorgeous dark red wine has a beautiful mouth bouquet of dark cherry and sweetness.  This would be delicious paired with a dark chocolate cake or even your favorite cut of beef.  Sweet wine.

Seasonal Wines

Sea Spray - red wine with natural Cranberry flavor - Nov-Dec only

White Wines

Starfish Wishes-American Chardonnay

Rich and fruity with hints of citrus on the nose and tropical flavors.  Fresh, well-balanced wine lingers to a long, crisp finish. Pairs well with sharp flavors like olives and sharp cheeses, corn products, meaty fish and shell fish.  Dry wine.

Calypso Gold - American Pinot Grigio.  This wine has a punchy acidity with flavors of lemons, limes, green apples and honeysuckle.  Pairs well with chicken, seafood, fish.  Dry wine.

White Caps - Texas Blanc du Bois This is a Texas grape with a light hint of sweetness.  It is a good gift wine because it is not too sweet and not too dry.  Pairs well with Asian, pork  and BBQ.  Semi-sweet wine.

Siren's Song - Texas Moscato

 The  bright, fruit forward Moscato has a crisp finish with a perfect balance of sweetness for the discerning drinker.  Pairs well with spicy foods and lightly sweet desserts.  Sweet wine.

Abigail's Laughter - Sparkling Blanc Du Bois - This sparkling wine is a brut style with a light prosecco finish that pairs great with any fruit juice for a mermosa.  Also pairs well with a buttery style meal or fruit based dessert.  Dry wine.

Symphony of the Sea - Symphony grapes fermented to a sweet smooth finish with perfect tiny bubbles.  Makes a great mermosa with Pomegranate Juice.  Semi-sweet wine.

Specialty Wines

Conch Whispers - A light sweet wine with a great watermelon flavoring.  Refreshing on a hot summer day.

Ocean Pearls -   Heavy aromatic fruit on the nose with a slightly tart pomegranate finish. Sweet wine.

Beachy Keen - Peach wine that tastes and smells like a fresh juicy peach straight off grandpa's peach tree in the back yard.  

Seahorse Dreams - Green Apple wine with the fresh aroma of crisp green apples being peeled with a slightly tart finish, just like you would expect from a Granny Smith. 


 Red Mangrove - Our raspberry wine is a light but bold flavored wine, great for evenings watching the sunset.

Blackbeard's Booty - our newest wine is a light bodied Blackberry flavored wine that is great for those south Texas hot summer days, and just right for fall and winter BBQ's and gatherings.

Ocean Breeze -  light cranberry flavored wine made with a pinot grigio base.  Light, crisp, citrus flavor that pairs well with seafood and shellfish.

Caye Verde - Pear Blanc Du Bois - This is an off dry fruit blend using a dry blanc du bois and back sweetening it with natural pear juice.  Nice crisp wine with a clean finish and a hint of pear.

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